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Sightline offers coaching and transformative consulting engagements designed to suit the needs of dynamic leaders and their teams. I meet leaders where they are, equipping them with the tools to navigate the complexity of today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Offerings | Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to their teams and organizations.


As leaders, we all face moments when the approaches we have used successfully in the past are no longer enough. Stepping into a new leadership role, bringing on new team members, leading change in difficult times and scaling during periods of rapid growth all require us to embrace new skills and new ways of thinking. This is where executive coaching comes in.

How it works:


Coaching provides leaders with an invaluable opportunity to gain insight and experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. Each executive coaching engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the leaders we support. We work together to set goals, identify success metrics and build a customized game plan. Our objective is to rapidly identify the issue that will generate the biggest win for the leader and the organization, and dive into it.


Executive coaching engagements include 360 assessments to provide context and valuable perspective. Then, through 1:1 confidential coaching, we work with executives to build awareness of their strengths and opportunities and develop new mindsets, strategies and skills to take them to the next level of performance. Coaching engagements typically last from 3-6 months and can be organized for individual leaders or several leaders within a team. Each engagement includes:


Each engagement includes:

  • Introductory Discovery 90 minute session

  • Two x 60-minute individual coaching sessions per month

  • Mid-engagement and completion check-ins

  • Unlimited text and email

Offerngs - Team Development



Team Development programs help teams build the ways of working, culture, processes and agreements needed to achieve their full potential. Our work sets a foundation of trust, clarity and understanding that creates the fertile ground on which teams can thrive.

How it works:


Team Development engagements begin with a session to align on team vision, strategy and goals. This is where our work with brand positioning and culture transformation helps accelerate foundation-setting. Think of this as establishing a team blueprint. We then work with the team to assess what drives team success and what holds it back - especially during critical times. Our assessment process is thoughtful and thorough and gives you and the team a sense for what's working and the pain points that require focus.


We follow this up with a mix of 1:1 coaching and small group coaching where we delve into the “how” that’s required to achieve your goals—operational elements such as processes, measures and structures as well as human factors such as values, culture and behaviors. 


As part of our Team Development programs, we offer one day or multi-day off-sites which provide an immersive experience designed to help a team achieve specific breakthroughs.

Our Team Development programs are ideal for teams that need to:

  • Kick off new team leadership

  • Assemble and ramp up new team members

  • Tackle business-critical questions from a fresh perspective

  • Drive business or cultural transformation

  • Create a more trusting and open experience of working together

Offerings - Career Transition

Career Transition Coaching

Whether you are looking to reinvest in your current path or embark on a new path, coaching can be an invaluable resource. In my coaching practice, I help clients navigate career pivots, providing clarity and courage to make big changes, be more authentic, and move forward with more hope, vision and excitement.

How it works:


My approach offers a blend of transformational coaching, thought partnership, and strategic career game-planning, built over a 25 years of leading and coaching in business environments. In our work together, I will invite you to pause, reflect on what is really important to you, identify possibilities, and pivot with conviction. Career transition engagements begin with a Discovery session to align on your personal career vision, values and goals. From there, we work together to identify passion areas and potential career pathways. Next, we devise personal positioning statements - including LinkedIn and resume updates - create a networked job search and interview strategy.


Coaching engagements typically last from 3-6 months. Each engagement includes:

  • 90-min Introductory session where we align on your career transformation goals

  • Two x 60-min individual coaching sessions per month

  • Mid-engagement and completion check-ins

  • Unlimited text and email

  • Career Transition coaching engagements are ideal for leaders looking to:

  • Clarify career goals and purpose

    • Embark on a job search and networking strategy

    • Refresh resume and LinkedIn presence

    • Hone interview and networking skills

    • Thought partner on compensation and contract negotiation

Shari helped me discover my inner confidence. Thanks to Shari, I'm much better equipped to notice when I start to get caught in a cycle of doubt -- and much more able to step back, label my emotions, and get on with my day. I'd highly recommend Shari, particularly to other first-time founders early in their journey. She's undoubtedly changed the trajectory of mine.

Jin, Founder, Y Combinator Alum, Honest Freight

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